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Crucial LPCAMM2
Crucial 32GB LPCAMM2 LPDDR5X- 7500 memory

LPCAMM2 is the groundbreaking laptop memory form factor that features LPDDR5X mobile memory to level up to blazing speeds of 7,500MT/s (1.3x faster than DDR5 SODIMMs).

Release Date:

Crucial LPCAMM2

Crucial 32GB LPCAMM2 LPDDR5X- 7500 memory

LPCAMM2 is the groundbreaking laptop memory form factor that features LPDDR5X mobile memory to level up to blazing speeds of 7,500MT/s (1.3x faster than DDR5 SODIMMs).

Release Date:


Density: 32GB

Speed: DDR5-7500

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Crucial LPCAMM2
Crucial 32GB LPCAMM2 LPDDR5X- 7500 memory

Release Date:

Up to 7,500MT/s

1.3x faster than DDR5 SODIMM2

Longer battery life with up to 58% less active power, up to 80% less standby power1

Upgradable memory form factor

64% space savings compared

to dual-stacked SODIMMs3

32 and 64GB

Limited lifetime 5

LPCAMM2 branded image
Crucial LPCAMM2 branded image

Lightning laptop speed and performance

  • Industry’s fastest low-latency LPDDR5X memory solution
  • 1.3x faster2 than the DDR5 SODIMMs
  • Reaches speeds up to 7,500MT/s
  • 71% better7 performance over DDR5 SODIMMs in video conferencing and photo editing
  • 15% better7 performance in productivity apps
  • 7% better7 performance in digital content workloads
LPCAMM2 branded image

Compatible technology

  • Compatible with Lenovo® ThinkPad® P1 Gen 7
  • Best-in-class performance per watt1
  • Compatible speed improvements over standard installed memory
LPCAMM2 branded image

Upgradeability = sustainability

  • Upgradeable laptop memory
  • Opportunity to reduce e-waste
  • Promotes device and planet longevity  
LPCAMM2 branded image

More bandwidth and battery life

  • Densities available up to 64GB
  • Battery life last up to 30% longer1 than traditional SODIMMs
  • More multitasking and faster load times2

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  1. Power measurements in mW per 64-bit bus at the same LPDDR5X speed compared to SODIMM. System standby power savings of up to 80% compared to SODIMM
  2. LPDDR5X data rate of 7,500MT/s transfers 1.34x more data than the standard DDR5 SODIMM data rate of 5,600MT/s.
  3. Calculation based on comparison of the total volume (motherboard + socket + memory) of commercially available dual-stacked DDR5 SODIMM modules (32,808 mm3) to LPCAMM2 modules (11,934 mm3).
  4. Crucial LPCAMM2 products are launching in 2024 and only work with select laptops. PCB compliance subject to final JEDEC specification publication but is functionally equivalent. JEDEC standards are subject to change during and after the development process, including disapproval by the JEDEC board of directors. Please contact your Micron sales representative for details.
  5. Limited lifetime warranty valid everywhere except Austria, Belgium, France and Germany, where warranty is valid for ten years from the date of purchase.
  6. Operating voltage of LPDDR5X is 1.05V whereas the voltage supplied is 5V.
  7. Based on PCMark 10 digital content creation and productivity workload test results comparing LPDDR5X LPCAMM2 versus DDR5 SODIMM; the digital content creation workload tests performance for photo and video editing, and 3D content creation; the productivity workload measures PC performance for office applications like spreadsheets and writing.


General tech specs
DIMM type Unbuffered
Technology LPCAMM2
Density 32GB
Module quantity 1
Voltage 1.05V
Module type LPCAMM2
Die Density 16Gb
Default and performance recovery profiles
XMP 3.0 Profile 1 N/A
XMP 3.0 Profile 2 N/A
EXPO Profile 1 N/A
EXPO Profile 2 N/A
Warranty & returns
Warranty Limited Lifetime

Product resources

  • Support and installation

    Complete support resouces for Crucial memory:


    DRAM installation and support resources:

    DRAM installation and support resources:

  • RoHS

    RoHS Certificate of Compliance

    Part-specific certification of how this product meets the requirements of the current DIRECTIVE 2011/65/EU and 2015/863/EU, a.k.a. Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive (Recast).

    File Type: (PDF)

    Updated: 12/1/2021

    China RoHS Certificate

    Part-specific certification as required by China's Management Methods for Controlling Pollution by Electronic Information Products.

    File Type: (PDF)

    Updated: 12/1/2021

  • REACH Statement

    Company statement regarding REACH SVHC compliance

    File Type: (PDF)

    Updated: 3/25/2024


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